New Collectible: Cassie from Hack/Slash

She’s got a little surprise for you…

And it’s well worth the price of admission…

We’re excited to premiere our newest designer collectible, Cassie Hack from Tim Seeley’s bestselling Image Comic series, HACK/SLASH.

As a young girl, Cassie Hack saw her own mother hack and slash her schoolmates to pieces. Now all grown up (and ranked as the #37 sexiest comic heroine), she has sworn to find and kill all Slashers – blade wielding serial killers. Cassie travels the world with her loyal sidekick, Vlad, to find and destroy mass murderers.

Make your own horror movie with this exclusive 6-inch custom-manufactured sandstone collectible.

Click to Own the first and only Cassie Collectible

ShouldBee worked closely with Tim Seeley to translate Cassie’s physical characteristics and personality, from her blood-splattered shirt to her favorite baseball bat. As the first ever Hack/Slash statuette, we wanted to get every little detail just right and even worked with an actual model to design the initial artwork and 3D renders, which served as the basis for her 3D printed statuette.

From the pages of Tim Seeley’s epic series to your home, each statuette is custom manufactured and made-to-order for each lucky collector. Add Cassie to your collection and let her protect you from all the terrors in the night.

Click to take home your very own guardian angel

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Brand Spankin’ New Toy: Kitsuneruma Collectible Daruma Doll

Feeling lucky? Well…are you?

Available at

Available at

We’re excited to premiere our newest 3D printed collectible, Kitsuneruma, a Daruma doll designed by Jamie Noguchi, the creator of the acclaimed comic, Yellow PerilDaruma dolls are modeled after Bodhidharma, the first Zen Buddhist practitioner.

Kitsuneruma sketch by Jamie Noguchi

Kitsuneruma sketch by Jamie Noguchi

Daruma dolls are wish-making dolls.  Make a wish.  When it comes true, color in the left eye and keep it as a memento. Collect a Daruma for your most important wishes and goals.  Japanese corporate culture uses Daruma dolls to inspire employees to complete great tasks.  When the task is assigned, an eye is colored in.  The single eye will remind them of their duty.  Once the task is completed, the other eye is colored in to commemorate their accomplishment.


When Jamie and ShouldBee began working together, Jamie presented five different designs for Daruma dolls…

Based on fan input, we decided to bring Kitsuneruma to life. Kitsuneruma in particular represents mischievous wishes. ShouldBee’s artists then spent several weeks transforming Jamie’s 2D designs into 3D models, which we eventually produced into a 3D printed collectible.

Daruma Composite

Click to own a Kitsuneruma and make your own luck!





Jamie Noguchi is a writer and artist who is known for his work on the webcomics Yellow Peril, Erfworld and Angry Zen Master. Jamie also completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to create a line of plushie toys based on his design Puppy Cow.


Now you can own Jamie’s newest toy design, which also serves as the comic navigation in Yellow Peril.

Per Jamie, “It’s always disappointed me that in the history of the American sitcom, only one has ever starred an Asian American in the lead, headlining role.  Margaret Cho’s “All American Girl” is the one and only Asian American sitcom to ever air on network television. What, we only get one? Yellow Peril is my small attempt to correct that great imbalance in the world of entertainment.  Sure, there are plenty of office humor type comics.  And yes, plenty of comics out there star Asian people.  But none have been drawn by me… until now!”


Kitsuneruma stands at 2 inches and is custom manufactured in sandstone. The first 25 orders will receive exclusive art signed by Jamie himself.

Click to own your own Kitsuneruma

Discover Jamie Noguchi’s Yellow Peril

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Taco the Imp coming at you in 3D!

This will not end well…

A few months ago, artist Sharon Gauthier submitted her character art for Taco the Imp to ShouldBee. Per Sharon, “Taco is a confident albeit tiny @$$hole. He steals food, gets into fights and has quite the mouth on him, as is evident by his head-wide toothy grin. He can be a loyal friend, but with friends like him, who needs enemies?”

Look at that smile. That is not the smile of a mentally stable creature.

Taco the Imp: You had us at “go stuff yourself.”

And so, we decided to wreck havoc upon existence by bringing him to life as a 3D Printed Collectible. Although Taco is still in production, you can check out the 3D models we created from Sharon’s art, which will serve as the basis for his figurine…

Need some Taco in your life? Reserve yours today by ordering here.

And don’t forget to check out more of Sharon’s amazing artwork here.



Do you have an original character that should be a toy? Visit us at and submit your art today!

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Revealed: JMKit Minx Bunny 3D Printed Collectible

A few weeks ago, we announced we were creating a 3D printed figurine of Minx Bunny from JMKit. Since then, we’ve transformed her design into a 3d model to serve as the basis for her toy…

Now, we’re excited to reveal her finished toy…

3D printed in high-quality sandstone, each Minx Bunny toy is custom produced to order. She’s perfect to decorate your home or office with a dash of cuteness.

Click to adopt your very own Minx Bunny


From the world of JMKit, Minx is a toy bunny rabbit who was discovered as an imperfect “Bunny Buddy,” but left unwanted because of her missing eye. When a kind little girl found her, she stitched her a new heart-shaped eye. As a toy, you can take her home, care for her and create your own stories!


Don’t forget, the first 25 orders get a special 4×5 inch glossy coated postcard signed with Minx’s name on the front and the founder of JMKit’s signature on the back!

Whatever you Imagine, ShouldBee.

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What is ShouldBee?

Here’s a snapshot of who we are…


Visit us at

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New Zeno Clash 2 Trailer + Figurine Package Art

Happy Friday. ACE Team and Atlus have just released a mind-blowingly insane trailer for Zeno Clash 2. Prepare for a psychedelic punch to the face in 5…4…3…2….

Fans of Zeno Clash know Golem as the powerful and mysterious entity from The Endworld. ShouldBee recently partnered with ACE Team to create a Limited Edition Golem Collectible…

Golem Comparison Main 3

Golem Figurine available at

As a special treat, here’s a look at Golem’s package art…

Golem Package Art

Click to Own a Limited Edition Golem Figurine

Learn how we made Golem into a toy

Tell us what you think!

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You Can’t Handle the Cute: Missing Yeti 3D Models

Anyone Missing a Yeti?

Missing Yeti Images

Missing Yeti, a Pictoplasma-featured design by Sernuretta is currently in production. Soon, she will come to life as a 3D printed collectible toy. In the meanwhile, enjoy the 3D Models that will serve as the basis for her eventual toy.

Missing Yeti Main

Missing Yeti 3d product image

Get an exclusive Missing Yeti sketch signed by Sernuretta by being one of the first to Order a Missing Yeti toy!

Learn more about Sernuretta by reading our Artist Spotlight Feature.

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