Meet the Breakfast Monkey

First watch this:

Finished? Mind blown? Good. Now stare at this:

Still with me? Fantastic. Now look at this:

Copyright: 20th Century Fox

Okay, you can’t own Doctor Zaius either. But you know what’s better than Doctor Zaius?

A monkey staring at a bagel. Click to own the Breakfast Monkey (bagel sold separately).

But that is not just any monkey staring at a bagel. That is the Breakfast Monkey co-created by artist and animator Joe Boyle. The Breakfast Monkey is a magical creature who lives to share the goodness of breakfast. He can fly and make breakfast foods appear out of thin air. He almost had his own cartoon show until something terrible, unexpected and ultimately unforgivable happened, which we are legally bound not to reveal (it involved tiny knives).

He also turns people’s heads into stacks of pancakes on a whim. Yes, the Breakfast Monkey has a unique sense of humor and morality that even he barely understands.

In a moment of temporary insanity ShouldBee thought it wise to unleash the Breakfast Monkey on our world. To commit this foolish act, we summoned Joe Boyle from his home and commanded him to turn over the 2D sketches that we would transform into a 3D model. Sir Boyle recognized resistance was futile and created a set of amazing turn-arounds.

We then threw his magical little sketches into our 3D rendering gizmo. Pressed the panic button and out popped:

We then sacrificed a small goat, mumbled a prayer to the God of chaos Chthulhu, chewed some peyote and activated our 3D Printomatic 5000, which created:

Source: The Family Guy Copyright: 20th Century Fox

Which we declared an abomination and promptly set loose inside a Whole Foods Market. We then sobered up and pressed the right button on our 3D printer, which resulted in:

Great success! Now you can take home the Breakfast Monkey and make every morning a psychedelic kick in the pants. Keep him on your desk, table, shelf or nightstand…but never leave him alone, or terrible, unexpected and ultimately unforgivable things will happen (he will turn your cat/dog/iguana into an omelette).

Click to get a Breakfast Monkey

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