Ready/Set/Paint: Painted Toy Prototypes Revealed

“Or How We Stopped Worrying and Learned to Paint our Toys”

Art by Paper Monster

We previously unveiled our unpainted clay sculpts for two original designs by two amazing artists:

Flamethrower Penguin by Mehdals

Penguin comparison

Per Mehdals, “The march of the penguins used to be a harsh struggle against cruel uncaring predators and freezing temperatures. However, this long perilous journey has become a breeze ever since the penguins stumbled upon an abandoned military out post. The outdated technology left behind by a powerful military has allowed adorable innocent penguins the gift of raining layers of napalm down on vicious seals, polar bears and killer orca whales. Bumping them up on a little further on the food chain.”

El Gatto by WeirdInk

El Gatto comparison

According to WeirdInk, “El Gatto is the alter ego of the cat named Vernon Jonson, a Michael Jackson super fan. Vernon works as a corporate accountant during the day, and leads a boring 9- 5 life, but every Friday night he rules the dance floor of his local club. His favorite album is Thriller, of course.”

Recently, ShouldBee’s artists finished hand-painting these prototypes. We think they did a great job in capturing the fine details in each design. Take a look and see:










Both designer collectibles will be available soon. First up, a 3D-printed El Gatto that comes in two varieties. Click to Learn more about the El Gatto Designer Collectible.

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